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Demo Cars - XFIRE Style

Peerless Amplification Unleashed! XFR Series Amplifiers raise the bar on amplification savagery with gut wrenching performance and quality producing pristine audio with discerning detail capable of unleashing profound sonic fury without breaking a sweat. Unleash your wild side!

Incorporate future proof technologies like Stop/Start ready, that allow the amplifier to remain powered during the Stop/Start cycle at low voltages without damaging the amplifier.
Loaded with a fully backlit XFIRE logo and a complement of crossover and channel configurations coupled with exceptional signal to noise ratios the E-Series amplifiers stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Porsche Speedster

Demo Car Porsche Speedster1957 Réplica Porsche Speedster Sttiny Adress: Calle Alejandría 202 Colonia Roma en Monterrey Nuevo León México The auto demo brand XFIREAUDIO features the following equipment: 2 Subwoofers  XFR61 1 Amplifiers EFX 2000.1 4 Speakers Coaxiales XFR402 4 Speakers Coaxiales XFR525 8 Tweeeters XFR75T 1 Amplifiers EFX1204D


Volkswagen Vocho Carro: Vocho Mod:94 Dueño: Ysidro Ramos Instalador: Ysidro Ramos Tienda: Audio Moy

Chevrolet 400SS

Demo Car Chevrolet 400SSChevrolet 400SS Leonel´s Car Audio Adress: 2245 E mc Dowell Phoenix Az The auto demo brand XFIREAUDIO features the following equipment: 2 Subwoofer XMF 122 1 amplifiers XMF 10k 1 DPS PRO 8 Speakers EFX 8080 6 Speakers EFX 20GT 3 Amplifiers XFR 1200.4 2 Amplifiers XFR 2000.2 6 EFX 4x4HB 2 [...]